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        ABOUT US

        WHO WE ARE

        We are full service general practice law firm, learn more about us.

        Perkins Law Group PLLC is located in the heart of downtown Detroit. Our attorneys and staff are committed to providing legal services of the highest quality in a prompt, courteous and ethical manner.

        Our attorneys take pride in being thorough and assertive with the facts of the case, and compassionate and understanding with you, the client. We are highly skilled in our respective areas of practice and widely known as being professional yet approachable.

        Perkins Law Group is known for its compassion, its ability to assess cases thoroughly and its outstanding litigation skills.Perkins Law Group PLLC is committed to meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations in all aspects of our client relationships. The cornerstone of the firm is our commitment to quality and our clients’ needs. We know that each client has unique needs and our success depends upon understanding those needs and achieving a catered solution, unique to the legal problems faced by our clients.